Sometime in June

Today was a very productive day indeed!

I have decided that in order to be successful I need to cultivate a POSITIVE MINDSET.

Positive mindset and no negativity. Got it!

I believe you can! Tell yourself this everyday until you believe it and then say it even more! I have also decided that I need to read everyday to ensure that I am learning everyday. You need to learn from failure or ignore it. No more negativity!!

Today I accomplished lots of things since coming back from my business trip. Not only was I able to update my blog, I went ahead and emailed the marketing invoice to my towing partner. I also was contacted by a potential new client and I gave him the pricing and a call log via email. I need to follow up on this within three days.

I detailed and listed the Wuss U V and listed it. I hope to turn a sweet profit on the the car and get a new one. I was able to get a scholarship sent to me via Alaskan Native Sisterhood which should help with my tuition costs.

All of my homework was completed before deadlines at 11:59pm. The research paper I typed out in less than two hours after my modeling show I got a 93% on. Not bad for rushing it in there.

Till next time!

“Say more, speak less”